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Not a sea-change but a me-change

Today a post popped up in my news feed on FB, asking me about my personality type. Provided was a link to a personality test which you can take here (FYI I am unaffiliated). Having spent a lot of time recently thinking about my career, my life and my personality, I thought hey, why not.

When I got the results, much of my angst made surprising sense. The personality test revealed my motivations in various social and work-based situations, offing clarity that I struggle to see myself despite my attempts to be introspective.

Lately, I have lusted after to the idea of a new career. I love many elements of what I do but since returning part time from maternity leave; I have had to start over, I have found that I have lost all kudos for all the hard work I have done in the past, have found it harder to fit in with colleagues working part time, not been offered the same sort of resources that full time staff have and have had many run-in’s with my new boss over the ‘job-share’ aspect of my part-time status. I think too, that my exhaustion from no sleep for three years, issues of child care pick up hours and the demands of balancing young children and work have significantly impacted the perceptions others have of me. I imagine that these difficulties resonate with many part time mothers My children are now five and six and the youngest will be off the school next year and it is time to think about me. I have been actively considering my career options.

The biggest issue I face is financial. I am finally in the position to be earning the most I ever have (returning to work full time and reaching the maximum pay scale). I would have to be crazy to leave now, wouldn’t I?

What about the kids? We have family goals and aspirations; some of which are time sensitive as the children will be teenagers in just 6 or 7 years. Do I really have the right to pursue a new career and start at the bottom instead of achieving our goals? Do I also really have time to dedicate myself to a career and study and a family and the housework etc…?! Mother guilt is the worst.

So now I am armed with my new found personality test, complete with career options and some insight into my motivations. The next question is, what will I do with this information? Do you I use it to adjust my current career strategy? Do I use it to step side-ways into a related but different role? Or, do I take the plunge and do something completely new? Watch this space I guess…

I would dearly love to hear about your own career changes or experiences of parenthood and work. Leave your comments below.


Building Backwards from Nostalgia

Books in bed

Books in bed

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the green Staminade on the Woolworths shelf. Images of my mum stirring the green crystals into cool water flooded my memory. Alongside them, were images of playing in blistering heat; the kind of days where Mum could pull the washing off the rope strung between two tall eucalypts as soon as she had finished pegging out the entire basket; it really was that hot. Those were days of running, sweating and brown snakes. The Staminade had instantly transported me back to my childhood; to those hot, sweaty memories.

I eagerly snapped up the Staminade, much to my husbands disgust, keen to share this joy with my boys.

So, I have been wondering what my own children will whimsically recall from this time that we are sharing together. I hope it isn’t my struggle with the endless housework and washing!

I have slowly been incorporating life’s simple pleasures into our daily routine, in the hope that in this busy and complicated world, that they will have a strong and simple foundation; simple pleasures such as climbing the mulberry tree to pick ripe berries, collecting chicken eggs, eating peas from the garden and time spent snuggled in bed reading books.

This morning, my six year old is sick, so we snuggled in my bed and I read him library book after library book until he fell asleep. We try and spend at least one morning a week, curled up with books in bed.

I hope that when my children grow up, that books will bring back memories of happiness, warmth and love.

What are your fondest memories?

What do you hope your children will nostalgically recall from childhood?

Please leave your comments!